Bluetti AC50s 500Wh/300W Power Station

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Bluetti AC50s 500Wh/300W Power Station keep your gear running indoors and outdoors.

*The AC50S is regulated 12V DC Output, run your 12V appliances without reduction.
*Smaller, lighter design running without noise & fume.
*A clean alternative to traditional gasoline generators, easy to set up for reliable power support, which is designed to power versatile: drones, camera, laptops, phones, 12V refrigerator and more than you can imagine.

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The Bluetti AC50s 500Wh/300W Power Station is the product you didn't think you need, but once you have it, something you won't want to live without.

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  • Safe Lithium Battery

    The Power Of LIVE & WORK & PLAY

    Bluetti AC50S, a stable partner at home, at office, and outside. A portable power station can provide backup power in emergency. Make it easy to camp and tailgate party. Without even a sneezing, silent but powerful, AC50s will company with you without notice in the corner.

    Technical Specification

    Bluetti AC50s Highlights

    *Industry-leading Outputs Including AC and 45W PD USB-C Power port

    Bluetti 45W PD USB-C Power port Delivery capable of charging larger USB devices like laptops, and extra wireless charging supported.

    *MPPT Built-In

    Built-In MPPT (maximum power point tracker) optimized the maximum charging efficiency for AC50s via solar panels up to 40% faster charging times.

    *Intelligent Cooling System

    Built in advanced intelligent cooling system protect the unit from short circuit, overload and overheating with precise error code reporting.

    *Ultra-safe Lithium Battery

    High-quality LG lithium cells within bring customers excellent stable and efficient using experience, drived by the state-of-the-art Bluetti battery management system which prevents from over-charge, over-current, and short circuiting troubles.

    *LED Lantern+SOS function

    LED Lantern keep you well in strict circumstance.

    What Appliance Can Bluetti AC50s Power?

    Iphone 11~12    20~40+ Recharges

    Laptop60w)        7+         Recharges

    LED Lantern Light(10w)      17+Hrs

    CPAP(60w)                             6+Hrs

    GoPro(14w)            80+ Recharges

    Drone                      18+ Recharges

    Mini Fridge(40w)                10+Hrs

    Air Pump(40w)                   10+Hrs

    Three Ways To Charge The Bluetti AC50s

    Solar Panel (outdoor recommended)

    *≈3 Hours (Using 200W Solar Panels simultaneously with full sun)

    Recharge from the sun by connecting a compatible solar panel. Charge time is dependent on the specification of the solar panel.

    AC Wall Outlet

    *Plug into the wall socket straight. Fully recharges in 5.5 Hours (AC).

    *Car Charge

    Recharge takes 15 hours(via 12V adapter).

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